Special occasions



Birthday cake and cookies:


Is it your dog's birthday? Please let us celebrate with you by baking a personalised birthday cake or cooking some adorable birthday cookies!


Hereunder you will find ideas:

Look HERE for the cute Lucy on Johanna Toftby's blog

and HERE for the sweet Madicken's birthday cookies.


Please note that if you want a birthday cake it can only be picked up at the bakery in order to prevent shipping accident.

Contact us for discussing ideas!


Invited to a party?


Are you invited to a party at a friend's who has a dog? Instead of bringing chocolate or flowers, offer one of our "We Love to Party" goodie box in which you have 2 types of cookie bags wrapped in cute packaging.

Hereunder you will find our assortment.


Are you hosting a bigger dog event?


I can personally come with this cute red and white wagon and offer some cookies, cupcake style dog bone and sandwiches dog bone. You decide yourself how many, which ones and the colours.

Contact us for ideas and price.

This offer is available for all Stockholms län!






–Gotlands djurbageri. älskar djur. Hemlagat godis och tillbehör för häst, hund och katt. Love animals. Makes cookies and accessories for dog, horse and cat

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